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" This is more than dialogue, it is communion. It is more than communion,
it is union. It is more than union, it is one."

— Jonathan Granoff, esq., President of The Global Security Institute, founded by Senator Alan Cranston


"PSALM was born of emptiness. From the stillness emerged a song. It came because religion disappeared. Because differences of I and you ran away. It is a container for the form of love. A form for the formless. It is a meeting place for the lovers. It is a serene garden where the fragrance of love wafts to fill the hearts of those who have forgotten love. It is the expression of the innermost heart. It is both inside and outside. An oasis for truth... A place for peace... A place to remember the open secret."

"One of Philadelphia's most welcoming and intimate venues in a gorgeous old house in Overbrook Farms. Going to PSALM has all the virtues of a house concert with a sound sytsem worthy of a club, inspired booking, and plenty of street parking!"
– Michaela Majoun, WXPN Morning Show Host

"...the PSALM, where artists conduct and discuss their work in a seemingly nondenominational spiritual space. The twinkle of burning candles in Depression glass, the scent of sandalwood:
It's all here."
– A. D. Amorosi, The Philadelphia Inquirer


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Piano composition, "First Love" © 2004 and courtesy of Bob Gold Music

5841 Overbrook Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19131 USA (215) 477-7578

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